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Monday, July 12, 2010

Show The World !!! ...7 Billion People Must See This Please Copy. Please Share

My respond to this video

Even thou this is a short video, it goes right to the point to show us how we have let our world be killed by the power ambition of corrupt and empty human beings (soulless beings). They did not consider for a moment the fate of our future generations, our children’s future (the keepers of the New Earth), by killing our planet slowly trough years of abuse; not taking in consideration that our planet is a living entity also, and that Mother Earth is not part of us, but that we are part of Her.
The Earth has been slowly destroyed by men and their illusionary conquest for power and money, through unnecessary wars and quemichal poisoning of everything that helps sustain life on Earth; while not recognizing and with a misunderstanding for our purpose here on Earth; which is more than what we have been made believe it is. Life has an unbelievable value, just as the Earth does too.
The Earth is a stepping stone; in where we come to learn the traits and the meaning of what our souls are; and to learn who we are and where is it that we are going from here on, but most of all to apply the Law of Love to the Earth and in between all of us; and the sharing of the common ground in peace.
Let us say, that the Earth is like a “hotel room” where you stay a couple of days of your life, because you need to go some place to progress and evolve; and in the meantime you stop for a while, relax, rest and think over a view things, until you go ahead the next day to complete your trip or mission into the future that you have created on your way there. During that time you reside in that hotel room, but you do not destroy it, throw garbage in it or take anything away from it. You just stay there, relax, think, plan, view the outcome of your “will” to do something that will give you a better future, maybe the thought of moving to another ground to be in a better shape that the one you find in that moment; and when you are ready to keep on going, you leave everything the same way it was when you enter that room.
The Earth is that room. The same way we treated that room; is the same way we should have treated the Earth a long time ago. But now, as we all see; our Earth room is loosing the capacity to shelter us, and we are seeing our Earth still getting beaten by the greedy minds of those corrupted governments and corporations, who won’t take a minute to have a heart and realize or ask themselves,
If they would do this; that would mean that they also have a heart that feels the same way ours feel. The destruction of our Mother Earth is not accepted by us, and this will be taken care of by all of those beautiful souls that are growing free from the dark side, and crying out loud for all of this to
Humanity is accepting that we must change. Humanity understands the consequences of our faults and is willing to respond in a positive way and accept all that is necessarily to bring a new and clean environment in the moment of now; to bring the Earth into her pristine shape again.
We are accepting that we must let go everything that does not work right anymore in order for us to start all over again; even if that means that we have start cooking with wood or eat raw vegetables again. But one thing for sure is;
Because we will win this…
with all Love and Compassion that a Human can sustain in their hearts and not with guns or the pestilence of war. This is Evolution into the future. This is NOW.

Luz de Puerto Rico

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