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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And Guess What? Yes Love is Winning!

Yesterday I posted that Fidel Castro was asking forgiveness for “one” of his errors when he commenced his revolution; but when I heard this, my though was, “and that it is not the only things that maybe we are hearing about him. Maybe he has been asking God to forgive him for having done so many errors during his dictatorship in Cuba to his people, even thou he though it was for the benefit of them.”

I guess sometimes we take actions believing that we are doing the right thing, but then when discover and see the outcome of that decision; we are confronted with something that we have to change, for the well being of the parts involved. If this happens, then that means that that soul or heart who made those decisions in that moment which were erroneous, then it means that every heart and soul on this Earth has that sparkle of love deep inside of it, which can trigger the love action in a certain moment in his or her life. I have always said that even those jailed criminals have that sparkle of love in their hearts, but they don’t want to accept it. Some have and their lives have change in the opposite direction. Now they are recognize as people who went through these processes to find their truth in a hard way. Life for them changes and they commence a new life.

It means that he or she is awakening through the process of those teachings which for some are the toughest and darkest that a person can go through. The degree of learning for all of us may be different, due to our past experiences in other lives, and this learning has continue until now, when we are once again ready to rebirth into a new era.

We really don’t know how many people in the world is going through these changes; accepting their errors and looking for ways to fix them; but we can see clearly that our world is changing rapidly with the positive attitudes and good intentions of those who want our world to morph it into one of peace and understanding; and united with the best intentions and will.

So you see, that which looked inevitable, is happening to us around the world. We are changing in many ways; that soon we are going to be able to see those changes. It’s more! ; We are already experiencing those changes but we are trying to understand what is happening to us. The feeling will be good, because I sense that this, all of this that is happening can not be a lie. I don’t believe that such a lie could be created to again take control humanity. I believe that all of us have joined with our visions to create a peaceful world, and it is being realized. We are the ones taking control of our attitudes and erroneous past decisions to do it well this time in our history.

Our eternal prayers and cries have been answered by ourselves. Yes, we are listening to ourselves. We are listening to our consciousness and we are the ones making these changes come true; and Love has always been there waiting in silence for our return. And guess what? Yes! Love is winning!
Soon will be time to celebrate our victory!

Steve Beckow statement about SALUSA’S last update: “SaLuSa looks at the means by which individuals living in the lower vibrations will and do awaken. He stresses the importance of the religions coming together in their acceptance of one God.
He reveals that, while the world may look quiet on the outside for the moment, much is happening on the inside. He says we may be tested to our limits, but we knew this would happen before we came here.”

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