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Monday, September 6, 2010

Poofness Nesara Update Sept.5,2010

You may ask why is it that I have interest in passing Poffness messages to you and I would say, that the reason I do this is because years ago I heard about this NESARA project or law. By then I did not understand what was this all about and my thought was that somebody was playing a joke on humanity. Well, as time has passed and with all the information coming from the four corners in the web and strange news in the media, if you perceive well that something is happening here; the apparently this is not a joke; because if you notice well and pay attention to our governments and their actions and secrecy about many things, you definitely will have to think that something is cooking in here.
One day you wake up and see that all of our infrastructure is falling down and our politics are all going crazy, plus money is scarce and banks are going crazy looking for you to fix your credit or to lend you money, etc. Prices and everything going up and your situation going down; and you still feel that since you have lost your job and can not sustain yourself and your family, there is no way that you can ask the bank for a loan. You know that your situation does not let you get into debts anymore. No way to pay unless you want to face the inevitable if you don’t pay.
Every body feels that we are doomed and that a recovery of the monetary system will take years to repair or that maybe it will change with another system, as many have been saying; plus a new coin.

I really wonder about all this, and especially about NESARA, but I also understand that our present time, can not keep on going the way it is, and that something will have to change here. That is why I pay attention to this, because if this is coming a reality or if it is just "a reality already and we still don't know"; our lives will change dramatically after a new system starts to play here and all this new technology that will come out will definitely change our lives in the same or better way than it was changed in the past when economy depressions came out on stage. We know that after that happened; the economies in the world went up and people enjoy abundance and work was there, plenty for everyone. New inventions, new stuff was created and beleive me, it was not that bad at all, that is why we are still here, and know more than before and have accepted that we have great capability of creation in our hands.

Apparently we still don’t get the big picture on this NESARA LAW, but for those who know about this, I believe that they know what they are doing or are saying. We just only have to have open eyes, faith and be ready to accept a new future and new changes; and of course start to think about others in the same way we think about ourselves,and that we have to have in consideration that we are all navigating in the same boat with the same rough sea around us, looking to save ourselves from those turbutlent waters.

People are loosing their sanity and the culprit of all this is “THE ECONOMY”
They have no other choices in their lives but to commit errors due to this and lamentably this does not look good in any country or city. Crime is rampant and nobody cares, "not even the guardians in our streets" if this is happening, but as they say, if this NESARA LAW is apply and if they come forth and say what is really happening about this to us, and for what will happen, then people will have a new vision of their future and hopes for change, and a good one.
Probably this will end all the misery and crime around the world and everybody will have better things to do than to kill each other.
This is my opinion and hope that something good comes about from all of this.
Our world needs a change and our consciousness need to be awakened. There is a big change in people’s attitudes this days and this is good. We are uniting in hopes for a better future in peace; and love is being the base for this change. Don’t stay behind and look to the future. Make it a better one starting with you and your family. We have cried for this all of our lives and now we have another chance in our hands to start all over again.
Maybe all these turbulent times are the call for the rebirth of humanity. Be present, be in hopes for your sanity and great future.Also remember that work is the means to get rid of misery. Any work we do no matter what if it is honest, will let us hang in there until the economy kicks up. Good luck to everyone!

Thank you and much love to all of you.

Poofness Nesara update sept 5, 20010
Greetings and Salutations,

Some of you know and for those who don't, banks in this country are changing to treasury banks this weekend. I've already told you what time it is for the fed. It's so hard for americans to come to grips with the fact, the fed isn't running anything. Soon, you will be hearing that we've returned to the constitutional treasury, you know, where it has precious metal backing the currency. What reagan tried to do and got shot for his attempt, is happening under this current administration. Kept silent from the people is how many attempts that have been made on this man's life to prevent the same thing. This time people with bigger teeth are at work to stop any interruptions in the conversion process. The line is in the rock and that's it, like it or not. From that point on, there will be some disorder because, many preconceived notions will be destroyed as having no merit. The sleeping giant shall awaken from it's fitful dreams.

You have free will and it will be personal to you, as to what you will do with all of this stuff when the moment strikes. You can either lose your mind and act out, or sit and contemplate and move on. The funds will be a great incentive to 'reason' first. This is a lost art with this constant pounding from the media. The right wing wants to go back to the past, tho the bridge was taken out, so it will be impossible. They won't tell their supporters that but it sounds good to the people. Money supply is the determining factor, no matter what they say. This is no longer an island that can do what it chooses. Others with a longer and more powerful ability are the ones at work preparing this country and the world to step into the future. After they've seen and watched, what these guys have done with the chances they were given, 'daddy has taken the t-bird away'. I was shown a doc a bit ago, with a loan of gold given to washington, dated 1786, by a chinese trust. This story is long and deep. All they tell us about is those rotten 'commies', nothing could be further from the truth. Even if McCain would have won the elections, he'd have been faced with the same thing..the Truth..and miss bendy straws with him. Once one enters the white house all a sudden the world view changes, it isn't quite the same as you believed.

Religion is getting an upfront and personal too. All heads of all religious faiths will be called to the big tables where the archives will be brought out and opened, more uncomfortable stuff will have to be dealt with, basically, no more wars fought in the name of whatever deity they have been telling folks who's running things. You can't fight the Creator's war, the best is act ignorant. They have created God in their image anyhow and that is an impossible task when you're talking about the Infinite with a finite mind. The right is out here wanting to 'let them eat cake', how does that square up with the Master's teachings? My kingdom is no part of this world. So much for 'politrix'. I am adding something to this newsletter for you to contemplate. It's about a hypothetical interview with Jesus...think about it.

This is a working weekend for the bankers as they prepare for what is going down now. I'm outside the thick doors but I am getting the minutes, when somebody steps out to use the bathroom from time to time. Hold onto your hats, this is going to be a wild ride. You've never seen nothing like this before.
I will call for consultations as long as I can, just email this address if needed.

Love and Kisses,


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