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Friday, May 22, 2009

A letter to all the Warriors of Love from Earth

Read this with your heart

Warriors of Love from The Earth, the ones who care, TAKE ACTION WITH YOUR HEART!

It’s time to be present! We can change our future! Think about it...

The world is calling us to pour our love in every nation, every country, every island, and through the universe, to let them know that the time is here to celebrate the great awakening of humanity.Love is moving through every heart and soul, for they are beginning to understand that unity is a reality, and the only way. That we are all the same, no matter your looks, color’s skin, age or religion. Human consciousness are blooming like wild roses in a desert, bringing beauty into a place where life was scarce and hiding between the beauties that existed in silence.

What is unfolding now, is the truth in everyone’s heart! Everybody is realizing that unity, understanding, sharing, compassion, and specially love, are the most valuable feelings and actions that a human being can call out loud to happen right now in the world.Every heart and soul is beginning to let out the truth that was in their hearts, claiming for peace and our rights for freedom as human beings.

We all know that the choice has been ours, to contain and imprison God’s will of Love in our hearts for centuries, without knowing that that was going to be our biggest fault, that eventually was going to make us live in a world of chaos.But now, as everyone’s consciences are awakening and exploding with love and understanding, we are leading the path for our New Earth. You think this is not true? Just look inside your heart and you will realize that this is really true.

You will know when you accept that you have prayed in silence for peace in the world. You will know when you accept that you have prayed for unity between all humans beings, and you will know when you recognize that you have prayed in silence for the well being of our dear and beloved Earth, and most of all, you will know when you realize that all of this time you have been orquestrating this Revolution of Love in secret union with our Creator God, for only you know the truth that is in your heart and was given to you when you came to this wonderful place that we call our own, our Earth.

We all know that we won’t let the dark remain in our hearts and our beloved Earth. We all know that we are here and we know that this has been our purpose, at this moment in history, where we are becoming the liberators of our own chaos, and curators of the place where God send us at the begging of time to take care of what has been given to us.

Don’t believe that you can run away from this truth, because you planted it a long time ago when you signed in for this Revolution of Love. It has taken eons of years to realize this truth, but now that we remember it, Love will flow so easily from our hearts, that nothing it is going to stop it, until it reaches God’s House.

A message from: Luz de Puerto Rico

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