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Monday, September 21, 2009

Concierto Sin Fronteras

Concierto Sin Fronteras
Concert for Peace in Cuba

Once more we have an example of Love between brothers and sisters of the world. Brave warriors of Love from all over the world did it again!
Yesterday Cuba experienced a marvelous concert that reunited people from around the world to bring the message of Love to all our brothers in Cuba.
Tears flowed from peoples eyes as they contemplate the happiness of the crowd that followed the songs with joy in their hearts. Their hands were waving to the sky, as they raised their spirits in an embrace of Love in a moment where peace reigned in all their souls.
Even the heat from the Sun, could not stop these great artists and musicians to keep with their intent of bringing this message of Love.
More than a million and hundred and fifty Cubans gathered at La Plaza de la Revolución over a period of five hours, in a concert “ (Paz sin Fronteras- Peace without Frontiers”),promoted by Juanes.
Other musicians and singers from Spain, Italy, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Venezuela and Cuba join him to bring this message with Love and for Love to all in Cuba.
This event is an example of how our young crowds are willing and feeling that a change in the world must be made, in order to finally stop all wars, injustices, and crimes that are happening in the world.
Humanity is awakening and is expressing their feelings to Mother Earth and Humanity itself.

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