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Sunday, March 14, 2010

2012 - The Online Movie Final Cut Updated


Please never belief that everything that you hear is the truth, but also, never belief that everything you hear is a lie.
All of us have our own opinions, ideas and thoughts, and we envision almost everything in our own way.

Truths have been converted into lies, and lies have been converted into truths; so which one should we believe? My guess is that we must believe in our convictions, as long as they are honest, with no wrong intention or wrong doing, and that the sense of the events that have been presented to us and those that have bee studied, represent an honest key for our awakening.

We must not reject all the ideas, all the theories and or the studies of our universe, for they have all truths in them. Truths can be confuse, mix with bad intentions, cause by human despair to know their truth of where they came from and where is it that they are going. As the pronounced end of and age comes closer to and end, we are immersing in fantasies, theories, revelations, prophecies, spiritual search, science studies and discoveries, and many more ways, that have been put there in order for us to search and find Our Truth.
Sometimes we discover our truth, but then denied it, we defeat it by accepting a material reality which is taking away the true nature of what our universe means and is. Apparently we need the last bump in our heads to awaken, and put everything in its place where it belongs. We know it. It’s there. But we continue with arguments of who is right or who is wrong. If we united our ideas and choose wisely the right ones, and put them together, there is no doubt that we will then achieve the mayor event in human history; the awakening of humanity into the Universal Truth. This requires many things, but we are learning which things we must do to achieve an agreement between humanity. Time is shortening very rapidly. And guess what? We know it. We know it for obvious reasons. We know it because we are living in great confusion, with wars, and crimes and many things that are hard to comprehend; but that we are beginning to realize as not being the ones for our real reality.
I personally believe in unity. Yes unity of ideas. Unity in collaboration and Unity within all humanity; which at the end; will be projecting a new creation, a new civilization, and a new world conformed to the basis of love. Love which is a profound energy that emerges from our heart with unequivocal intentions and results; bringing peace, abundance, unity, and well being amongst all.

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